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【Electromagnetic Flowmeter】
1, the pipe no moving parts, unimpeded flow of parts, measuring almost no additional pressure loss.
2, the measurement results with the velocity distribution, independent of the physical parameters of the fluid pressure, temperature, density and viscosity.
3, available online range in the field according to the actual needs.
4, the frequency programmable low-frequency square wave excitation, improve the stability of flow measurement, low power loss.
5, using the new ultra-low power microprocessor 16 contains flash memory, high integration, high operation speed, high accuracy.
6, available online range in the field according to the actual needs.
7, ultra-low EM1 switching power supply for a wide range of supply voltage variation, small efficiency, temperature rise is small, volatile anti-EMC performance is good.
8, the English menu operation, easy to use, simple to operate, easy to understand.
9, high-resolution backlit LCD display wide temperature range.
10, can be bi-directional flow measurement, bi-directional cumulative total. With automatic range switching function more effectively improve the measurement accuracy of analog current and frequency output, especially for diurnal variation in flow range and the need to issue the occasion of the control signal. Flow measurement range of up to 1500: 1
11, has three internal totalizer, show the cumulative amount of the forward and reverse cumulative difference between the volume totalizer, convenience and fluid metering and custody transfer.
12, with RS485 digital communications signal output, RS232 and optional fieldbus digital communications such as HART output (optional)
13, fluid resistance measurements using constant far, the case can be long-term transmission of accurate measurement electrode signal resistance. Not only can be used to determine whether an empty tube of fluid within the sensor, and the electrodes can be determined to be contaminated, coverage and other anomalies, to provide users with clean electrodes troubleshooting information.
14, the use of intelligent judgment, do not use measuring correction settings, empty pipe detection alarm and electrode application more convenient.
15, advanced "change rate limit" technology to remove slurry and other fluid measuring tip-like interference, reducing the output jitter, high accuracy and output is more stable.
16, with the fluid density setting, you can display quality traffic.
17, has cleared totalizer remote control functions, has opened a total of contact with the stop signal input, suitable for total inspection and batch processing applications.
18, with a self-test and self-diagnosis function.
19, the use of advanced non-volatile memory, higher circuit reliability, effective protection settings and measurement parameters.
20, instrument design with an optional internal clock does not power down, power-down time can be recorded.
21, a small instrument with optional recording function, you can save more than 30 days flow and electrode resistance measurement history.
22, new keyboard handling to avoid keyboard affect the measurement. You can enter, abdicated the Actions menu, make parameter setting more convenient. Total display uses 10 decimal 999999999999 carry full value to solve the double font full value 4294967285 carry substandard customary practices.

Because of its unique electromagnetic flowmeters have a little, so it is widely used in chemical fiber, food, paper, sugar, mining, water supply, environmental protection, water conservancy hydraulic, steel, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industrial areas, used to measure various acid salt solution, slurry, pulp, paper pulp, coal water slurry, corn syrup, fiber pulp, grain syrup, lime, sewage, cooling the raw water, drainage, salt, hydrogen peroxide, beer. Wort, a variety of beverages, liquor, green liquor and other conductive liquid medium volume flow.

The main technical parameters:
Pipeline PTFE lining: 10,15,20,25,32,40,50,65,80,100,125,150,200,250,300,350,400,450,500,600
Pipeline rubber lining: 40,50,65,80,100,125,150,200,250,300,350,400,500,600,800,1000,1200
Note: Special specifications can be developed
<1> flow direction: forward, reverse and net flow; turndown ratio: 150: 1; repeatability error: ± 0.1% of measured value
<2> Accuracy: Pipeline: 0.5, 1.0
<3> measured medium temperature: Ordinary rubber lining: -20 ~ + 60 ℃; temperature rubber lining: -20 ~ + 90 ℃; PTFE lining: -30 ~ + 100 ℃; high temperature PTFE lining: -30 ~ + 180 ℃
<4> Rated working pressure: Pipeline: DN6-DN100: ≤1.6Mpa, DN125-DN2200≤1.0Mpa high voltage can be customized
<5> Flow Measurement Range: Flow measurement range corresponding flow rate range is 0.1-15m / s
<6> Conductivity range: Measured fluid conductivity ≥5μs / cm (one-piece) with water as the ingredients of most media, its conductivity within 200-800μs / cm range, can choose the electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the flow.
<7> Current output: Load Resistance: 0 ~ 10mA, 0 ~ 1.5Ω, 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 750Ω
<8> Digital frequency output: Output frequency limit can be set within 1 ~ 5000HZ with optical isolation ideas bidirectional open-collector transistor output. External power supply is turned ≤35V maximum collector current of 250mA.
<9> Power supply: 85 ~ 265V, 45 ~ 63HZ
<10> straight pipe length: Pipeline: Upstream ≥5DN, downstream ≥2DN
<11> Connection: between the meter and piping are used flange connection, flange dimensions shall comply with the provisions of GB11988.
<12> proof mark: mdllBT4
<13> ambient temperature: -250C ~ + 600C
<14> Relative Humidity: 5% -95%
<15> Total power consumption: less than 15W

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Selection Code:
Selection coding precedent
Measuring media: sewage pipe diameter: DN50 electrode selection:
M02Ti local display
Lining material: rubber output signal: 4-20mA / 1-5KHz no communication intelligence
Limit flow: 30m / h coding; LDBE-50S-M1 × 100-30

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Selection Description:
Ensure the correct selection of electromagnetic flowmeter is a prerequisite for good use of electromagnetic flowmeters, the choice of what kind of electromagnetic flowmeters should be determined based on the physical and chemical properties of the measured fluid medium, so that the electromagnetic flowmeter diameter, flow range, lining material, electrode material, and the output current, etc., the pictures can adapt to the requirements and nature of the fluid to be measured flows.